Things To Do In Cudjoe Key

Things To Do In Cudjoe Key

Published: December 28, 2023

Alison Hinton
Alison Hinton
Cudjoe Key
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Cudjoe Key, located in the beautiful Florida Keys, offers a range of activities for visitors seeking relaxation, outdoor adventures, and natural beauty. Here's a list of things to do in Cudjoe Key

Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary:

  • Explore the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling or diving in the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary.

Boating and Fishing:

  • Take advantage of the excellent boating and fishing opportunities in the surrounding waters. Rent a boat or join a fishing charter to experience the diverse marine life.

Scenic Drives:

  • Enjoy a leisurely drive along the scenic Overseas Highway (U.S. 1) to experience breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and picturesque landscapes.

Kiki's Sandbar:

  • Relax and enjoy waterfront dining at Kiki's Sandbar. This local spot offers delicious seafood and a laid-back atmosphere.

 Kayaking and Paddleboarding:

  • Explore the mangroves and waterways around Cudjoe Key by renting a kayak or paddleboard.

Cudjoe Bay:

  • Spend a day at Cudjoe Bay, a serene area known for its calm waters. It's an ideal spot for swimming, picnicking, or simply unwinding by the water.

Cudjoe Key Miniature Golf:

  • Have some family fun at the Cudjoe Key Miniature Golf course, featuring a tropical setting and challenging holes.

Nature Trails and Bird Watching:

  • Discover the natural beauty of the area by exploring local nature trails. Keep an eye out for diverse bird species in the Florida Keys.

Cudjoe Gardens Marina:

  • Visit the Cudjoe Gardens Marina to witness the vibrant boating community and enjoy waterfront amenities.

Relax on the Beach:

  • While Cudjoe Key doesn't have expansive sandy beaches, there are small areas where you can relax by the water. Consider bringing a beach chair and enjoying the coastal ambiance.

Sunset Watching:

  • Experience the breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Find a spot along the shoreline or at a waterfront restaurant to enjoy the view.

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